About Us

Social4Dentists was founded by Peter Drubin MBA and Sean McCaman. Collectively, we’ve been posting on Facebook for 20 years. In that time, we’ve gotten thumbs-up, likes, comments, and even a few thumbs-down. We have 16 years of marketing and analytics experience which we feel can be used to help get more patients to like you.

We started Social4Dentists because we’re passionate about sharing engaging posts that bring people together.Social4Dentists is the sister company of Social4Chiros which has been very successful in the Chiropractic field. We have delivered high quality content to health professional’s Facebook Pages since 2012. Since that time, we’ve posted over 100,000 posts.

We noticed that people don’t Like their Dentist nearly as often as they should, and it is time for that to change. The posts we share on your behalf help to enrich your brand image, and create more opportunities to connect with your patients. While Facebook is not the only cure for perception of dentists, we see it as one potential source to help the image. Our posts help to remind your patients that you run a practice that can connect with patients.

Managing your Facebook is like Brushing your Teeth:

  1. It needs to be done daily
  2. There are no shortcuts
  3. The more effort that goes into it, the better the results

You wouldn’t leave your teeth to chance, with maintenance a few times a month, so why would that be the case with one of your most important marketing and outreach channels. When people think of your practice, they should smile, not think of pulling teeth. It is important to use Social Media in a way that creates community. Let us handle Facebook, so you can focus on what you do best - the smiles.