Facebook Impact Report – Promotional Offer

For a limited time, you can obtain a free Facebook impact report, a $50 value at no cost to you.
Offer Expires 10/1/2016.

The Facebook Impact Report

The Facebook Impact report uses Social4Dentists proprietary rating system to determine the utilization, potential reach and variety of posted content. Your Facebook page will be carefully reviewed by one of our specialist before that information is fed into our analytics platform.

The Social4Dentists platform analyzes and scores your Facebook page on a 0 to 100 scale. Based on this score, we can help you to determine the potential benefit of our services to your practice.

The Facebook Impact report can be used with the data that is made available to you through Facebook’s Insight platform. In combination, these reports can be a very powerful for developing a social media strategy for your site.

If you’d like a free Facebook Impact, please complete the request form on this page.

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